1. Jiyang Branch: Specialize in producing high-grade art paper and industrial supporting paper. The main products are: white art cardboard, goffered paper, white craft paper, maritime paper, security paper, body paper for high-speed railway magnetic ticket paper, body paper for thermo-sensitive paper, body paper for photographic paper, body paper for release paper, body paper for inkjet paper, cotton swab paper, sketching paper, etc. totaling a dozen of series and nearly one hundred varieties.

2. Processing Paper Branch: Use body paper it produces independently to produce coated art cardboards, illustrated magazine used inside page paper, color glassine, professional mark pen drawing paper, bar code printing paper, water transfer printing body paper, iridescent paper, etc.

3. Tai’an Branch: Mainly produce coated body paper, art cardboard, chemical fiber parchment, etc.;

4. The newly built No. 3 machine of Jiyang Branch has been successfully tested and plans to produce body paper for tipping paper, Bible paper, aluminum foil backing paper, dialyzing paper, greaseproof paper, release paper and other high-grade tissue paper.

Our products are mainly targeted at medium and high-end international markets and are widely used in export products and domestic high-grade paper products. Our sales network spreads in all major Chinese cities, especially in the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and the Beijing-Tianjin region. We adopt a sales-oriented production business mode. Our production department organizes production according to sales orders and ensures product quality meets customer requirements.