Company Profile

Shandong Tianyang Paper (Group) Co., Ltd. was established in July 1988. The Group is headquartered at No. 5, Taixing East Street, Jibei Economic Development Zone, Jinan, with an area of 400mu and a construction area of 80,000 square meters. We have invested RMB 500 million in enterprise construction in total, own 650 employees and achieve RMB 500 million of sales revenue annually.
We take “Casting China specialty paper new aircraft carrier” as the enterprise goal, “users’ demand is always our goal” as the group’s values, “making specialized, individualized, differentiated and most cost-effective products and providing first-class services” as our business philosophy and “United & Diligent, Pioneering & Innovative, Dare to Learn, Pursuit of Excellence” as our group spirit.
Shandong Tianyang Paper Co., Ltd. has Jiyang Branch, Paper Processing Plant and Tai’an Branch three production bases. Jiyang Production Base now has three paper-making lines, two paper-processing lines; and a newly introduced 3,520mm tissue paper production line that has been officially put into production. Tai’an Branch has four paper-processing lines. The company mainly produces inkjet body paper, art card paper, white kraft paper, photographic body paper, release paper, art paper, cast coating cardboards, illustrated magazine or newspaper used paper, pure paper, chemical fiber parchment, etc. totaling ten or more series and nearly one hundred varieties.
Our products are mainly targeted at medium and high-end international markets and are widely used in export products and domestic high-grade paper products. Our sales network spreads in all major Chinese cities, especially in the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and the Beijing-Tianjin region. We adopt a sales-oriented production business mode. Our production department organizes production according to sales orders, ensures product quality meets customer requirements and delivers upon payment.
We plan to achieve a production scale of producing 100,000 tons of specialty paper per year in two years and total sales of 1 billion yuan within five years. Sales of art paper reach 300 million yuan, accounting for about 30% of the total sales. Printing series art paper that we will develop stably accounts for two thirds and packaging series art paper that we will focus on account for one third. The sales of industrial supporting paper achieve 700 million yuan, accounting for 70% of the total sales. The sales of existing products will reach 300 million yuan after stabilization and modification; and sales of tobacco and food series paper will be up to 400 million yuan. We strive to double our total sales within ten years and achieve sales revenue of RMB 2 billion. We will develop our art paper products towards horizontally related products, expand the products’ coverage, invest in professional processing devices, form series products, set up a stable sales network around the country and make the sales volume reach 500 million yuan, about 25% of the total sales. The sales volume of industrial supporting paper will be 1.3 billion yuan, about 65% of the total sales, in which the sales of tobacco and food series paper that we will develop stably reaches 800 million yuan and that of paper in electronic field reaches 500 million yuan. Sales volume of counterfeit and other professional paper will be 200 million yuan, accounting for 10% of the total sales.
We adhere to an enterprise spirit of “United & Struggling, Enterprising & Innovative, Keeping Forging Ahead, Pursuing Excellence” and a “People-oriented” factory tenet; we believe in sciences and technologies are the primary productive forces and insist on putting equal stress on social and enterprise benefits. Our overall strength and competitiveness are improving rapidly.