Corporate Culture

Group Spirit: United & Diligent, Pioneering & Innovative, Dare to Learn, Pursuit of Excellence Group Goal: To be the “little giant” in China’s paper-making industry
Group Values:
Users’ demand is the goal we pursue
Group Business Philosophy:
To make specialized, individualized, differentiated and most cost-effective products and provide first-class services

In 2014, we put forward the common vision of “Tianyang Dream”, the essence of which is to “be the “Little Giant” in China’s papermaking industry” and the basic connotation of which is to achieve “development and prosperity of the enterprise; stability and happiness of staff”.

We adhere to an enterprise spirit of “United & Diligent, Enterprising & Innovative, Dare to Learn, Pursuit of Excellence” and a “People-oriented” factory tenet; we believe in sciences and technologies are the primary productive forces and insist on putting equal stress on social and enterprise benefits. Our overall strength and competitiveness are improving rapidly.

With the development of the company, we need a number of technology and management elites with a spirit of making innovation. We are looking forward to aggressive and enterprising men to join Tianyang for common development. Tianyang will give you a stage to show your talents. Let’s join hands to achieve our “Tianyang Dream” together.